Zapelin Media Server
Bringing IPTV to Coaxial Networks

Welcome to Zapelin

The Zapelin Media Server has specifically been designed to convert single or multiple IPTV Streaming sources into the DVB-T standard. This is a solution for individuals, establishments, hotels & resorts that are located in regions of the country where the DTT signal is poor or non-existant. The ZMS (Zapelin Media Server) will use the latest innovations in technology to convert any IPTV / Video Stream(s) so that it can be injected into the local Coaxial TV network. The DTT enabled TV sets will simply have to "re-tune" the TV sets to find that their TV has suddenly tuned the channels that have been added thanks to the ZMS.

The ZMS is capable of much more, so make sure you check out the "Modules" page too.

ZMS sketch
The ZMS in a residential community


1. Only one Broadband connection is required to supply a whole community, building, home, hotel, hospital or establishment.

2. The ZMS will seamlessly take a series of IPTV channels and convert them into a format that is familiar to all the TV sets connected to the coaxial network. Thus eliminating the need to have Internet connections in each room, apartment or home.  With the ZMS, Internet TV content is simply transformed into "another ordinary" channel that the TV set will pick up by retuning it.

3. The ZMS is therefore able to deliver TV content using the Internet as the transportation channel in areas that would otherwise not be able to have access to those TV channels due to poor/lack of coverage via DTT, Satellite or  simply because the desired channels are only available via Internet.


4. Hotels, Universities, Hospitals, Golf Resorts etc, could also add their very own TV channel with information, news or promotions that may be of interest to their members, guests or customers.

5. It is possible to dynamically change the configuration of the channels that are being injected into the coaxial network.

6. It is possible to add more channels if the Bandwidth is increased at any time. 

Bandwidth is the key.

A fast but consistent broadband connection will determine the amount of simultaneous streams that the ZMS will be able to handle and convert into TV channels. 

Connect > Setup > Tune

Once the ZMS is setup and configured with IPTV streaming source(s) then all TV's connected to the Coaxial network just need to find the new added channels.


Zapelin Media will only work with experienced engineers in the field who are trained to install the ZMS and able to make the necessary adjustments or improvements to the existing network should it be necessary.