The worlds 1st Full Featured Software & Hardware solution that will empower your Hotel, Resort or establishment with the ability to deliver Live IPTV content to your users Wireless devices via Zi-Fi ® Wireless Television and also allow you to “inject” the IPTV content into existing Coaxial Networks with the Zapelin Media Injector & the Band Rover X1 PCIe Card.

Guests using ZiFi Wireless Television will be blown away with this innovative and completely new experience that requires no Apps or installation of any software on their devices.  Regardless of the amount of Bandwidth available to obtain the IPTV channels, there is NO limit to the amount of users that can enjoy Wireless Television.

The IPTV Media Injector manages to completely bypass the complexities and expenses that are usually associated to providing IPTV services.  Investing in extensive LAN networking, Smart TVs and Set Top Boxes is no longer necessary.

Our solutions allow establishments great and small to implement scalable innovative services in no time at very affordable prices.

ZiFi Wireless Television (Software Licence)

“Welcome to our Resort.  We are pleased to inform you that in our Resort, your WiFi device is now also a Wireless Television” 

ZiFi Wireless Television allows you to offer IPTV Channels and Stream them Wirelessly to almost any WiFi enabled device.  User devices become Wireless Television screens and the amount of simultaneous users is limited only by the capacity of the local Wireless Network, not the Internet Bandwidth.

Zapelin Media Injector Starter Kit (Software Licence + Band Rover X1 PCIe Card)

This starter kit will provide you with the Zapelin Media Framework Software, the Licence Key to enable the Media Injection Module and the Band Rover X1 Media Injector PCIe Card.

By installing this Kit, you will be able to decide which IPTV content is to be “injected” into the existing Coaxial Network.  Once all the TVs on the Network have been re-tuned, the new IPTV channels will be automatically added.  TVs do not need Internet, Set Top Boxes and there is no need for Smart TVs.

Zapelin Band Rover X1 (PCIe Card) Expansion Card

The Band Rover X1 is a custom designed PCIe card that is to be installed in the same machine where the Zapelin Media Framework Software is installed. The Media Injector Module will manage the card and “inject” the IPTV channels into the Coaxial Network.  All TV sets on the network will be able to tune the channels that have been added.  The Zapelin Media Injector Starter Kit already includes ONE card.  If you need to add capacity, you can purchase more cards.

Residential Community / Building Package (special offer)

One solution to satisfy everyone in your Residential complex.

The Zapelin Media Server is an extraordinary technological achievement that will allow you to obtain IPTV channels and “inject” them directly into your existing Coaxial TV network.  Once it is installed, residents simply need to “retune” their TV’s to automatically detect the new channels that have just been added.

No need for individual Internet connections
No need for a Set Top Box
No need for a secondary Remote Control
No need for a Satellite Dish
No need for a decoder
No need for Networking investments
NO LIMIT to amount of connected TV’s

Why our solutions are the “missing link” that no one ever noticed.

When it comes to IPTV technology, the marketplace is already full of Hardware Manufacturers, Content Delivery Networks as well as IPTV Channel/Source providers. Home users have a large choice of Set Top Boxes, Smart TV’s and other devices to enjoy IPTV services but implementing and delivering IPTV services in other Industries has been a notoriously expensive and extremely complicated.

This is why we have set our focus on innovation for the Hotel Industry, Hospitals, Residential Complexes, Tourism Resorts, Shopping Centers, Museums, Theatres and Airports. Our solutions do not only deliver IPTV content to almost any kind of Television at a fraction of the cost but it can be achieved without modifications to the existent Coaxial cabling network. This allows the technology to be “up & running” within a few hours. Furthermore, a revolutionary feature enables the establishment to offer unique experiences to customers with an endless list of advantages with Zi-Fi – Wireless Television Technology.

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