Zapelin Media Server is ready for HEVC (H.265)

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Zapelin Media Server is ready for HEVC (H.265)

The Zapelin Media Framework has recently been updated with additional capabilities now supporting the H.265 Codec for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC).  This is a significant step in our development as well as an important new feature for our Zapelin Media Server as it can now support IPTV Streams delivered in HEVC (H.265).

Using HEVC (H.265) IPTV Streams, the ZMS can now either deliver the same quality IPTV injection using almost half the amount of Internet Bandwidth or even deliver near HD quality video using the same Internet Bandwidth it currently uses.

While the rest of the industry as well as IPTV Channel providers make Streams available in H.265, the ZMS is ready.

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