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Instalador Autorizado

Instalador Autorizado


Instalador Autorizado

Instalador Autorizado ZiFi

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Distributors Network

Si te interesa distribuir nuestros productos por favor contacta con nosotros.  Por ahora, Zapelin Media quiere trabajar únicamente con una red de distribuidores “autorizados” para nuestros productos.

The Zapelin Media Team is now actively looking for Distributors to work with.  At the moment, Zapelin is planning to use ONLY a network of “Official Distributors” and “Certified Installers” to sell the ZMS.

This business model is essential for the correct implementation of the ZMS and we must choose to work with companies &/or individuals who meet the requirements.  Although the installation of the ZMS is in principle very simple, it is necessary that this is done by qualified TV / Satellite industry engineers or technicians because every network is different and each one is likely to face a challenge or two.  A technician will be able to understand exactly how & where the elements need to be connected in order for it to work correctly.  If the current coaxial network requires additional signal boosters, cabling or simply needs to be updated or repaired then this can be quoted &/or repaired on the spot.

We want to make sure that the installation of the ZMS is impeccable, so working with the right collaborators is a must.

If you are an individual or company expert in the field and are interested in becoming an Official Distributor of the Zapelin Media Server in Spain, please complete the “distributor” contact form in the “contact” section of the website.  Please make sure you provide as much information as possible.

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