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Zifi Wireless Television

“Welcome to our Resort.  We are pleased to inform you that in our Resort, your WiFi device is now also a Wireless Television” 

Consumer behaviour is not changing, it already has. Anywhere you look, consumer focus and attention has clearly shifted from “communal”  TV Monitors to the comfort & portability of their very own personal screen. People want to use their own device and want to be able to do more with it, not by downloading Apps or by consuming their 3G/4G data plans. People want to enjoy a service that is exclusive to them as a customer and as a visitor at a specific location – an experience that makes their “being there” unique. Users want to be blown away by a service so unique, so fast, so seamless and so “completely local” that it will make their visit to the Zi-Fi enabled establishment unforgettable.

The Micro Zi-Fi ® – Wireless Television Streaming Engine is the heart of the Micro ZiFi and must be linked to an existing or dedicated WiFi Network. The Micro ZiFi will require a dedicated Bandwidth connection and the amount of IPTV channels it can manage will be directly proportional to the amount of Bandwidth that is assigned to the system. The system allows the Administrator to configure the source of the IPTV channels which the Zi-Fi Streaming Engine Software will then inject into the WiFi Network. From this moment on, almost any SmartPhone, Tablet or Computer connected to the Zi-Fi (SSID) network will find that their device has just become a Wireless TV.

Zi-Fi ® Technology possible Industry Applications:

The Multimedia content can include anything from Audio files to PDF’s, Videos to complete Websites made available “offline”.

Commercial Cruise Ships.
The technology can easily be adapted to cater for extensive Multilingual Video On Demand content available in Hard Drives.  Users can select & enjoy content and have it Live Streamed directly to their own device.
Content can be updated automatically when reaching a port through Terrestrial WiFi connections or even an external USB Storage device.

Commercial Aircraft – In Flight Entertainment

The technology can easily be adapted to cater for extensive Multilingual Video On Demand content available in a SD Hard Drive for Airlines.  Passengers can select & enjoy content and have it Live Streamed directly to their own device. As passengers can use their own personal devices to enjoy on board entertainment, the aircraft could eliminate the weight of the equipment necessary to supply each seat with an individual inbuilt TV screen.
Content can be updated automatically when reaching an airport through Terrestrial WiFi connections or even an external USB Storage device.

Tourist Information offices/Airports/Train Stations/Museums and other establishments of a similar nature.

The technology can easily be adapted to cater for extensive Multilingual Audio Visual & Documentation content available in Hard Drives so that users can quickly access this information and even download it.  Maps, Routes, PDF Brochures, Data sheets with product information or even a video illustrating how the museum was built.  Possibilities are endless.


Key Advantages for the user/guest/visitor:


Receptionist to the Guest : “Welcome to our Resort. We are pleased to inform you that in our Resort, your WiFi device is now also a Wireless Television”

– Access Live TV Channels from their own device anywhere they like.
– Ability to enjoy TV channels that are otherwise not usually available at this location.
– Ability to enjoy TV channels that are in their language.
– No need to use up 3G/4G Data Plans or Roaming to enjoy rich multimedia content.
– No longer restricted to Hotel Room or Communal TV lounge.
– No need to install Apps or Software on 98% of devices

Key Advantages for the Establishment:

Guest to the Receptionist: “The Zi-Fi technogy you have deployed throughout your restort was an unforgettable experience which was not only very impressive, but we have gotten so comfortable with it that we dont know how we are going to live without it!”.
– Ability to offer an Innovative new service for your Guests/Users/Visitors.
– Convert your users’ devices into Wireless TV’s with access to IPTV Channels.
– Significantly reduce complaints about WiFi connections for Internet.
– Promote Zi-Fi Wireless Television in areas where the user is able to consume food & drink instead of having guests restricted to their rooms to watch TV without consuming.
– Adds an enormous degree of “comfort” provided by the establishment.
– Ability to dynamically change the IPTV channels offered, according to demand & seasons.


How Zi-Fi makes a tremendous impact on the available Internet Bandwidth.

An establishment with Zi-Fi Technology can offer numerous Live TV Channels originating from IPTV while using the full capacity of the WiFi Network itself which is extremely fast and very scalable. Most importantly, much of the bandwidth intensive data consumption required to enjoy rich audiovisual content is removed from the equation and significantly reduces the Internet Bandwidth “bottleneck”. This is achieved because it is only the Zi-Fi Server that needs the bandwidth and not the user / consumer.

In a Hotel for instance, Guests take WiFi connections for granted and expect good performance. Hotel management however find that no matter how much Bandwidth they have, it never seems to be enough be it 20Mbit or a 100Mbit Fibre connection. Guests somehow always use it up.
This does not really come as a surprise if one considers how the available Bandwidth is actually being used. A free WiFi connection allows us to get up to speed with Facebook, Email, send a few fotos via Whatsapp and the available Bandwidth should be plenty if all users were doing just that. The problem here being that the users like to enjoy Bandwidth in is most data intensive form: AudioVisual content.

It only takes a few dozen WiFi users to eat up the available Bandwidth. Some watching Live TV channels for news or entertainment from their home country during breakfast or by the pool and others simply enjoying some YouTube videos to entertain the children. AudioVisual content and especially Live TV streaming consumes bandwidth, a lot of it and very quickly. The result being that the next WiFi user will find that it takes a long time to download their emails, let alone surf a website.

In order to have a better understanding of the benefits of Zi-Fi Wireless Television, we have created a realistic example comparing situations with and without Zi-Fi. Keep in mind that Live IPTV Video Streaming usually consumes aproximately 1 Mbit/sec per user.


Hotel A without Zi-Fi Wireless Television
-20 M/Bit Internet Bandwidth available for WiFi.
-WiFi Access Point with limit of 100 contemporary users

Result: Only 20 or less users would be able to enjoy TV Streaming leaving any other users on the network with practically no bandwidth left to do anything.

Reason: Each TV Streaming user is using external Internet Bandwidth
Hotel B with Zi-Fi Wireless Television
-20 M/Bit Internet Bandwidth available for WiFi.
 -Wi-Fi Access Piont for typical Internet usage
-WiFi Access Point with limit of 100 contemporary users for Zi-Fi

Result: All users (100) on the Hotel Zi-Fi Network will be able to enjoy Live IPTV Streaming while the remaining WiFi users on the network will have 20 Mbit to their disposal.

Reason: Users enjoying IPTV Streaming are no longer using up Internet Bandwidth, the are connecting directly to the Zi-Fi server instead and the limit depends only on the amount of users & bandwidth that the WiFi network itself has.


What do you need?

1. Dedicated Internet Bandwidth connection.

In order to obtain IPTV content, it is necessary have Internet Bandwidth. The larger the Bandwidth, the more IPTV channels that can be obtained to then be “Streamed Wirelessly” with ZiFi. Although there are an endless amount of IPTV channel sources and variations in quality, one can safely calculate that it is necessary to have approximately 1Mbps of consistent Bandwidth for every IPTV channel.

For example:

A 20Mbit ADSL connection should provide consistent Bandwidth of approximately 14Mbit at least. It should therefore be possible to obtain at least 14 IPTV channels. This is then “streamed” via the ZiFi Wireless Network to service an amount of users that is limited by the capacity of the Wireless Network itself.
Many Wireless Access points accept about 50 simultaneous users or 150MB of Bandwidth for example.

2. The Micro ZiFi from Zapelin.

The Micro ZiFi has:

1 x Power connector
1 x LAN connector for the dedicated Internet connection.
1 x USB Media Interface
1 x LAN connector which must be connected to switch &/or the existing WiFi Network of the establishment.

3. An existing or new WiFi Network / Access Points

It is possible to connect the ZiFi server to the existing WiFi Network and invite guests to use the service either with 1. Having a secondary SSID or 2. Providing a “link” from the Captive Portal.
Having Zi-Fi Wireless Television working on your current WiFi Network will NOT consume Internet Bandwidth, only internal WiFi Bandwidth.

It is also possible to install a new and dedicated WiFi Network which is kept completely separate from the WiFi Network that is currently used for Internet.


How much does it cost?
The Micro ZiFi is sold by official integrators or resellers.
Please contact us so that we can put you in touch with a reseller in your area.

Please note that the Micro ZiFi pricing involves:

1. 1995€ (+tax) Hardware & Installation fee
2. Monthly fee based on amount of channels/content type that must be managed in the Zapelin Cloud.  This fee will include support, maintenance as well as free software upgrades.

The Micro ZiFi has a Warranty of 2 years.
The price mentioned is for the Micro ZiFi version designed to be installed in Hotels & similar establishments.  Please contact us for other editions.

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