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ADSL’s in Spain and load balancing

It is extremely common to find Residential Complexes that are far away from a Movistar exchange.  This usually means that the distance &/or quality of the line would allow one single ADSL connection to provide a very low effective Bandwidth connection.  After speaking with numerous ISP’s in Spain, we have learnt that ADSL speed can be as low as 3MB or 10MB with a little luck.

This is evidently not ideal if you want to take full advantage of the capacity of the ZMS, so here is a possible solution:

Load balancing using various ADSL lines.

If the premises is able to obtain various Land lines, then it is in theory also possible to contract an ADSL service on each line.  If the maximum available ADSL speed is 8MB (for example), then it is possible to contract another 8MB on another line.  This means that the premises now has 2 x ADSL’s of 8MB each making a total of 16MB.  Together these may deliver an “effective bandwidth” of possibly 10 – 12MB which will allow the ZMS to inject 10 Channels into the Coax network.

If we add a 3rd line with another 8MB, we would have a total of 24MB with a possible 16MB of effective bandwidth which would allow the ZMS to work at its full potential.

This technique is called “load balancing” and is very common to many IT engineers.  The 2 ADSL lines are “fused” into one.  It is also possible to do this using 2 or more different ISP’s.

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