10 Reasons why Zapelin Media Server (ZMS) IPTV Injection technology is the best solution to implement IPTV channels in Hotels & Resorts.

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10 Reasons why Zapelin Media Server (ZMS) IPTV Injection technology is the best solution to implement IPTV channels in Hotels & Resorts.

Using a Hotel as an example, the situation is similar in Residential Complexes.

  1. Easy to install. 
    The ZMS Hardware & Software transforms the IPTV stream into a traditional DVB-T format that can be directly injected into an existing Coaxial RF Television Network which makes it extremely cheap & easy to offer IPTV channels.
  2. Less Bandwidth = More
    The Hotel does not need 100’s of MB of Bandwidth to offer IPTV to the Rooms & TV’s.  Only the ZMS requires the best Bandwidth connection possible.  The more Bandwidth, the more IPTV channels it can inject.  Supplying the ZMS with a single 20MB ADSL connection, it is able to inject almost 20 IPTV channels into the entire Coaxial TV network and all the TV’s that are connected to it.
  3. One ZMS = Thousands of Satellite Dishes
    The ZMS can not only replace the Satellite Dish, it is a solution that can give the Hotel access to channels it could not even have obtained through Satellite Dishes.  There is practically no limit to the amount & variety of IPTV channels that are available.  All languages and from all parts of the world.  Furthermore, the system is extremely flexible and the channel list can easily be modified if different seasons or demand require channels to be changed.
  4. No LAN network required – massive economical savings!
    As the ZMS injects the IPTV Stream with a traditional DVB-T (Terrestrial Television) Format, it is not necessary to spend thousands on deploying a LAN network to deliver IPTV.
  5. No Smart TV’s required – massive economical savings!
    Many IPTV solutions in the industry require the Hotel to replace their TV’s with Smart TV’s in order to benefit from IPTV content.  With the ZMS this is not required.
  6. No Set Top Box required – massive economical savings!
    It is also common to see the use of Set Top Boxes as a cheaper alternative to Smart TV’s to enjoy IPTV content in the Rooms.  Again this means that a LAN network as well as STB’s are compulsory investments and force the customer to use a secondary remote control.  With the ZMS, this is not necessary.
  7. No Internet required in the Rooms.  Massive savings in time & money.
    With the ZMS, it is not necessary to provide Internet connectivity in the Rooms to offer IPTV Channels.  In a Residential Community for instance, the proprietors do not need to contract individual ADSL / Internet connections to enjoy IPTV channels.
  8. Simply re-tune the Television to detect the new channels.
    Once the ZMS starts to inject the IPTV channels into the Coaxial Network, it is only necessary to re-tune the TV to detect the new IPTV channels.  No matter how old the TV’s are, the ZMS is capable of injecting in a format that your TV understands.
  9. NO LIMIT to amount of Rooms or TV’s.
    Once the ZMS is injecting the IPTV channels into the Coaxial network, any TV connected to the network throughout the building or resort will be able to tune the new IPTV channels that have been added.
  10. Less complaints about Hotel WiFi!
    The Hotel will receive significantly less complaints about the Hotel WiFi connection.  Customers will not have the need to use their devices and the Hotel WiFi connection to watch their favourite channels with APP’s such as the BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Netflix etc.  This means that most of the “heavy duty” Bandwidth usage caused by the AudioVisual content streaming is radically reduced, leaving much more Bandwidth to be enjoyed for regular Internet usage.Adding the ZiFi Wireless Television module by Zapelin will make this even more impressive as it converts all customer devices into Wireless TV’s which do not use Internet Bandwidth to enjoy IPTV from any part of the Hotel with WiFi coverage!
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